Preservation Award

Introduced in 2016, the Preservation Award is a category for vehicles that have not been restored or modified, but still present in excellent original condition.

The interest in untouched and largely preserved vehicles has been growing within the historic motor vehicle movement for many years. The Bay to Birdwood acknowledges this interest with the award.

Winners 2023

Preservation Award, Post-1950: Winner – Roberto Formato, 1970 Mazda Cosmo Sport

Preservation Award, pre-1950: Winner – Michael Keogh, 1922 Ford Utility


All vehicles entered in the Preservation Award will be judged at a separate pre-judging event in the morning of Saturday 19 October 2024  in the Courtyard Precinct of the Migration Museum, State Library of South Australia, and South Australian Museum. Please make sure you can attend the pre-judging event if you intend to enter the Preservation Award. 

Since 2020 there have been two Preservation Awards, one for the Pre-1950 Vehicle and one for the Post-1950 Vehicle.

The original condition of the vehicle must be substantially unaltered from original delivery but may show signs of sympathetic use. Vehicles with significant intervention will be denied entry.

Please note that while entrants are encouraged to wear period-correct attire when accompanying their vehicle NO judging points are awarded for attire in this category.

As a Preservation Award entrant, your vehicle must be presented in a suitable condition and comply with the Bay to Birdwood rules. Event regulations for the 2024 Bay to Birdwood will be updated closer to the event.

Previous Winners

Any vehicle that wins an award will NOT be eligible to win or enter the award section for the next ten consecutive Bay to Birdwood events.

Previous winning vehicles are encouraged to enter the event and will be displayed with other previous award-winning vehicles. Please contact the Organisers if you are entering a Bay to Birdwood award-winning vehicle.