The Bay to Birdwood moves online!

Posted by Chloe Svaikauskas | September 22, 2021

The Bay to Birdwood will move online on Sunday 26 September, with activities for entrants, spectators, and the general public to take part in and keep the spirit of historic motoring alive.

National Motor Museum Director, Paul Rees said, “Sunday 26 September is a date a lot of people had marked in their calendar as the day to get out and about to watch the parade of historic motoring from one of the world’s great historic motoring events, the Bay to Birdwood. However, due to COVID, the event is not going ahead, instead, we will have a range of great activities that enthusiasts can engage with online.”

Behind the Bay to Birdwood, this year’s online activities will include a variety of documentaries, interviews with award-winning entrants, glimpses behind the scenes with the Bay to Birdwood team, and games to keep everyone entertained.

“We will take people Behind the Bay to Birdwood with the premiere of the Life in the Past Lane documentary at 8 pm on Channel 44 and CTV Plus, showcasing the last 40 years of the Bay to Birdwood,” Paul continued.

“We’ve also got interviews with entrants who were registered to participate in the 2021 event, as well as a mini-documentary series called Behind the Wheel – the people of the Bay to Birdwood.

“There will be an online quiz and puzzles to play with and another documentary on the new trophies that were to be presented this year. We’re also launching our online program archive that features every event program produced since 1980 and we will be running ‘Ask Us Anything’ sessions with some of the people behind the Bay to Birdwood.”

One of the heartening stories in a year of uncertainty is that the majority of entrants registered for the 2021 event have held onto their spot for next year, “It shows the great passion Bay to Birdwood supporters have in the event with more than 90 percent of this year’s entrants now in pole position for Bay to Birdwood in 2022,” Paul concluded.

All content for Behind the Bay to Birdwood will go live on Sunday 26 September via the Bay to Birdwood website with the premiere of Life in the Past Lane at 8 pm on Channel 44 in Adelaide and 8.30 pm on Channel 31 in Melbourne as well as on CTV Plus: