Preservation Award

Introduced in 2016, the Preservation Award is held each year in association with both the Run and the Classic. It is for vehicles that have not been restored or modified.

The interest in untouched and largely preserved vehicles has been growing within the historic motor vehicle movement for many years. The Bay to Birdwood acknowledges this interest with the award.


SOMETHING NEW: in 2020 all vehicles entered in the Preservation category will be judged at a separate pre-judging event in the morning of Saturday 26 September at the Torrens Parade Ground in Adelaide. Please make sure you are able to attend the pre-judging event if you intend to enter the Preservation category. 

To be a part of this category, please indicate your interest clearly on the entry form and attach at least three photographs of the vehicle as it will be presented on the day for the Organiser’s consideration. If you have questions regarding your vehicle’s eligibility and/or the types of photos required by the Scrutineers please click here.

The original condition of the vehicle must be substantially unaltered from original delivery but may show signs of sympathetic use. Vehicles with significant intervention will be denied entry.

Please note that while entrants are encouraged to wear period-correct attire when accompanying their vehicle NO judging points are awarded for attire in this category.

There will be only one overall winner, however, if in the opinion of the judges no vehicle satisfies the required standards, no award will be made. All finalists receive a certificate and the overall winner receives the Preservation Trophy.

  • All vehicles must comply with the conditions of entry.
  • At least three photos which clearly displays your vehicle as it will be shown on the day must be submitted with your entry form. 3 Car photo example
  • Vehicles must be presented for judging at the Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide, in the allocated judging area. Drivers/riders must stay with their vehicle until judging is completed (approximately 11:30am).
  • Vehicles must still complete the Bay to Birdwood on Sunday 27 September to qualify as winners or finalists of the Preservation Award.
  • There will be a stage presentation to the winner during the Bay to Birdwood Finish event.
  • Vehicles arriving at the site after 9:30am may not be able to be judged and may be declared ineligible.
  • As entrants of the award, your vehicle must be presented in a suitable condition for the competition (suitable means a well-presented vehicle without restoration or significant modification).
  • Minor modifications aimed at ensuring roadworthiness and safety of the vehicle (eg. electric starters, seat belts) are permitted and may show signs of sympathetic use.
  • If you decide to withdraw from the award for any reason, please advise the Organisers as soon as possible to avoid any confusion on the day. Refunds of award category fees are not available.

Judging will be undertaken by an expert panel.

Previous Winners

  • Any vehicle that wins an award will NOT be eligible to win or enter the award section for the next ten consecutive Bay to Birdwood events.
  • Previous winning vehicles are encouraged to enter the event and will be displayed with other previous award-winning vehicles. Please contact the Organisers if you are entering a Bay to Birdwood award-winning vehicle.

2019 Preservation Award winner

Congratulations to John McConville for his presentation of the 1973 Mercedes Benz.


2018 Preservation Award winner

Congratulations to Elizabeth Murphy and her 1935 Chrysler Plymouth for winning the Preservation Award at the 2018 Bay to Birdwood Run.


2017 Preservation Award winner

Congratulations to Paul Aikman and his 1966 Pontiac Bonneville at the 2017 Bay to Birdwood Classic.

Preservation Winner with vehicle

2016 Inaugural Preservation Class winner

Congratulations to Natalie Halstead with her late husband’s 1958 Sunbeam at the 2016 Bay to Birdwood Run.


Past Winners of the Preservation Class

Bay to Birdwood Run

  • 2018 Elizabeth Murphy – 1935 Chrysler Plymouth
  • 2016 Natalie Halstead – 1958 Sunbeam

Bay to Birdwood Classic

  • 2017 Paul Aikman – 1966 Pontiac Bonneville