Frequently Asked Questions 2021


For participants with vehicles

I have registered a vehicle, what can I expect to happen before the big day?

Once your registration has been received your vehicle will pass by our scrutineering team and once approval has been given a confirmation email will be sent to you. At the start of September an entrant pack will be sent containing details needed for the day, such as arrival times and any COVIDSafe procedures such as QR codes etc.

Please stay tuned to our social media platforms for further updates.

What is the process when I arrive at the Start at Barratt Reserve?

As you’d appreciate, due to COVID details and procedures will need to be finalised closer to the date. We will update entrants with requirements when we can, but it is likely that at the very least all vehicle occupants will need to scan a QR Code to check in at the Start and Finish to gain access to the sites.



What is planned at the Finish at the National Motor Museum?

We hope that the Bay to Birdwood Finish festival will be back to normal and we will see hundreds of vehicles and participants along with spectators gathering at the Finish site. However, this will be dependent on a number of things throughout the year. All activities will be subject to an approved COVID Management Plan.

The judging component of the Bay to Birdwood awards, including the technical judging of the vehicles and (for the Concours d’Elegance only) the period correct attire of the occupants, will take place the day before the parade and will be held at the Torrens Parade Grounds on Saturday 25 September – more details to come.


Is there an Alternative Start this year?

Previous alternative starts have been held at Civic Park, Modbury, but this was cancelled due to COVID in 2020. There will be no alternative start again in 2021.

What is happening along the route?

In 2020, we introduced a highly popular livestream of the event to ensure people had an alternative to spectating along the route. On the day, many tuned in from outside of South Australia and around the world. We were pleased that conditions and regulations on the day allowed people to attend the roadside in great numbers and cheer the passing parade of historic motoring. The number of people lining the route in any given year is dependent on weather conditions. In 2020, SA Police estimated that some 70,000 saw the event pass by. We hope that come 26 September, conditions will allow for even more people to gather and admire the passing parade.


For spectators

I am not an entrant - can I join the event at the start and the finish?

The 2020 Bay to Birdwood start and finish sites were restricted to registrants only due to COVID restrictions. However, for the 2021 Bay to Birdwood we aim to invite the public to once again get up close to the vehicles, but this will be subject to a COVID Management Plan. Please stay tuned to our social media platforms for updates.