Enter Your Vehicle

Entries for the 2021 Bay to Birdwood are now open for vehicles manufactured prior to 1992!

Please select from one of these three categories:

Regular Entry – $75 | Motorcycles $60 (pre-1950 and post-1950)
Concours d’Elegance Award Entry  – $145 | Motorcycle $115 (pre-1950 and post-1950)
Preservation Award Entry – $145 | Motorcycle $115 (pre-1950 and post-1950)
Due to current regulations, participation is restricted to 1400 vehicles (this may change as the event gets closer).

Award Entries

If you have opted to be judged in either the Concours d’Elegance or the Preservation Award please remember that initial judging will take place on Saturday 25 September. For more information on Concours d’Elegance Award and Preservation Award please click on the relevant award.

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