Enter Your Vehicle

Entries for the 2021 Bay to Birdwood have been open since 1 March 2021 and we have seen a fantastic uptake of entries, so many in fact that the allocation of spaces for vehicles manufactured between 1950 and 1991 is now FULL!

Limited spaces are still available for our Concours d’Elegance and Preservation Awards for vehicles built between 1950 and 1991.

If you are the owner of a Post 1950 vehicle and still wish to enter the Bay to Birdwood, please click here to register your vehicle on our Reserve List (remember to upload a photo of your vehicle!) and if a space becomes available we will notify you. This could be any time between now and 30 July 2021.

If you with to enter the event in a category that is not sold out please select from one of these options:

Regular Entry – $75 (pre-1950 only – Post 1950 SOLD OUT)
Regular Entry – Motorcycles $60 (pre-1950 and post-1950)
Concours d’Elegance Award Entry  – $145 | Motorcycle $115 (pre-1950 and post-1950)
Preservation Award Entry – $145 | Motorcycle $115 (pre-1950 and post-1950)
Due to current regulations, participation is restricted to 1400 vehicles (this may change as the event gets closer).

By clicking on the buttons above you will be taken to the registration page.

After choosing your vehicle type, you will need to select from one these categories –

Pre-1950 Vehicles (regular entries, Concours d’Elegance and Preservation Award)

Post 1950 – Vehicles (Concours d’Elegance or Preservation Award).

Select the correct category from the drop-down list, make your payment and fill out the entry form with your details. You will receive an email receipt once payment has been processed, and another email with your registration details.

If you require assistance with entering your vehicle please contact the Event Office on  (08) 8568 4019

Award Entries

If you have opted to be judged in either the Concours d’Elegance or the Preservation Award please remember that initial judging will take place on Saturday 25 September. For more information on Concours d’Elegance Award and Preservation Award please click on the relevant award.

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