Sponsorship Enquiries

The Bay to Birdwood is the largest, continually-held motoring event for veteran, vintage and classic vehicles anywhere in the world. Boasting a reach across a broad demographic this is an event that truly has no age limit.

With a 40 year history, the Bay to Birdwood is widely recognised and loved.

Partnering with us guarantees you new audiences, increased visibility, and enhanced brand awareness. Read more about the event and participants here.

We will work with you to develop a program that kicks goals for your company.

Through a range of benefits the Bay to Birdwood offers our partners:

  • increased market positioning to enhance brand awareness and recognition
  • a highly visible platform to communicate to a range of audiences
  • entertaining opportunities to engage clients
  • exclusive invitations to ride in event vehicles
  • creative leveraging concepts that can demonstrate corporate social responsibility
  • an opportunity to take advantage of the realm of social media and online platforms
  • we will work with you personally to identify what your business could achieve through a partnership with Bay to Birdwood to make sure we deliver the benefits in line with your investment

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